Extended Lash Menu

Posted by Francesca Amber Harwood on Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Our New, Extended Lash Menu 

Looking for fabulous lash treatments in Islington, London?  The N7 Collective in Islington has a comprehensive list of lash treatments including: 

LVL lash lift  - this revolutionary lash lift treatment is one of the best value of it's kind in London.  LVL lash lift in Islington for just £45.  This lash lift treatment is great for those with naturally long lashes who are not into high maintenance eyelash extensions.  

Individual eyelash extensions - for those wanting longer & fuller lashes, individual eyelash extensions in london, otherwise known as semi permanent eyelash extensions in London are the ideal treatment.  Taking 1 hour 15 minutes to apply and lasting up to 6 weeks they are ideal for holidays or every day life.  

Russian volume lashes - the mac daddy of lashes!  Russian volume lashes in London can cost upwards of £300 yet a full set of russian volume eyelash extensions in Islington at our salon is only £100 making them a luxury yet value option.  

For those on a budget we also do cheap eyelash extensions in the form of Express Lashes at just £40.  To book express lashes or party lashes in london for just £40 is great value.  

To book your lashes please follow the links throughout the website.  

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