Getting Married?

Posted by Francesca Amber Sawyer on Wednesday, May 28, 2014
If you're getting married in London this summer, your beauty checklist will be one of the top things on your list!!  But what does a bride really need to do to prepare for the big day?  Here's our beauty checklist: 

Manicure and pedicure

These are NOT optional!  Everyone will be looking at your hands to see your ring.  Why not go for something other than the traditional french manicure, and try a bold gel red or pink?  Try The Nail Girls in Islington or Sally's Nails on Holloway Road.

Spray tan

A spray tan is a must have for most brides in London.  If you're getting in married in London in 2014 and want to get a top notch tan, head to the bridal spray tan specialist, Never Too Tanned.  Never Too Tanned have spray tanned hundreds of brides and even offer advice for brides to be in Your London Wedding magazine.  

Try in Islington


Whether it's a classy updo, highlights, colour or cut you need before the big day, a hair appointment is essential.  

Try Jay Hair in Hackney

Individual Eyelash Extensions 

For the ultimate in glam, try semi permanet eyelash extensions in London at Never Too Lashed.  Not only do semi permanent lash extensions mean there is no need for mascara or strip lashes, but if there is ANY chance of you crying on the big day, you don't want your makeup ruined by big black streaks.  

Individual eyelash extensions by Never Too Lashed eliminate any need for either fake lashes or mascara, and can look as natural or as glamorous as you wish. 

The individual eyelash extensions in London take 1.5 hours to apply and last 4 - 6 weeks.  They're ideal for honeymoons too as they look fab at the beach and can go in water!


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