Kim K's Mink (NOT REAL!) Lash Extensions

Posted by Francesca Amber Sawyer on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Does Kim Kardashian wear mink eyelash extensions?

Over the years, I’ve spent way too much time analyzing Kim Kardashian’s Kat-Face of Doom, mostly in an attempt to understand exactly why and how she looks so weird/different/strange. I remember Kim’s old face, the face she had when she was known solely as “Paris Hilton’s friend”. That face – which, yes, might have been somewhat plastic – was so much prettier and more natural. Nowadays, Kim seems to be showing the negative effects of Botox, of too much electrolysis, of hyper-grooming, of lip injections, all topped off with drag queen makeup (and style). One thing that I (and many others) have noted is that Kim seems obsessed with very thick, oversized eyelashes. I always thought she just wore false eyelashes all the time, but apparently Kim claimed on a recent episode of KUWTK that she does NOT wear falsies. Er…

When Kim Kardashian bats her eyes, it’s hard not to notice her insanely long lashes. But on a recent episode of KUWTK, Kim said that fake lashes are SO not her thing and that Kanye West prefers a more natural look.

Doubting Kim’s claim of going natural, Star spoke exclusively with celebrity eyelash expert Alicia Hunter. Her verdict? They’re extensions made of mink hair.

“Kim is not only for wearing mink clothing, she actually has the animal fur attached to her body,” says Alicia, whose clients include Dina Lohan. “Kim’s eyes look great – they are always perfect, but they are not natural.”

[From Star Magazineprint edition]

I don’t understand how “mink eyelash extensions” work. Are the mink extensions GLUED in? Is it, like, a surgical thing? I’ve heard of mink false eyelashes before, of course – I’ve always assumed that they were like regular false eyelashes, in that you buy them in strips and apply them on a daily basis. But can you actually get them put on permanently? So many questions.

Say you can get “mink extensions” – does is follow that Kim has them? Eh. It’s so hard to tell what’s a surgical enhancement and what is just awful drag queen makeup. Who knows?

Update by CB: I’ve had the individual false eyelashes applied at a salon, but they were just synthetic and only cost around $35. I was hard on them and they only lasted a couple of days. (I had trouble getting used to them.) Here’s a link to an article by a woman who did the mink eyelash extensions. She said it took a full hour and cost $500. They’re supposed to last longer than the regular synthetic extensions, and can supposedly last two to three months if you’re careful. There’s also some kind of eyelash transplant surgery like Kaiser mentioned that costs about $5,000.

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