LVL Lashes

Posted by Francesca Amber Harwood on Thursday, February 18, 2016
Welcome to Never Too Lashed, your LVL lash specialist in London.  We perform LVL lash treatments in London for hundreds of clients each year.  If you are thinking about having LVL lashes in London then read on... 

I have been a lash technician in London for over 4 years, I do individual eyelash extensions, semi permanent lashes and LVL lashes.  

LVL lashes would be an ideal treatment for you if you have:  

Long lashes

Straight lashes 

Pale lashes 

LVL lashes will lift the lashes at the root, straighten and unify lashes, it will volumnise and fix the lashes, it will also tint them black or brown, depending on your preference.  

We are based on Holloway Road, so if you are looking for LVL lashes in London or LVL lashes in Islington, we are the salon for you!  

To book in your LVL lash treatment in Islington go to the Contact Us page or follow the link and book online: