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Posted by Francesca Amber Sawyer on Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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San Diego, California (February 4, 2014) – With new technology and techniques, cosmetics have transformed drastically over the years. Many new techniques are traveling through the world slowly and now the United States is finally seeing beauty techniques that come from Asia and Europe. Now in San Diego, Olga Villarreal will be one of the first Lash artist to offer a Russian technique of volume lashes in the area.

Trained by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin who is the owner of Lash FX and Amelia Meneses who is the owner of Minkys and Extend Your Lashes, Olga has incredible talent and techniques to bring to the San Diego area for the first time. Also trained by Teresa Smith, the creator of the Lash Bible, Olga is a Certified Eyelash Extensions Artist, Trainer and Distributor.

This Russian technique uses Faux mink or Siberian Mink applied 2D-6D-to-one of a person’s natural eyelash using specifically formulated glue. Theseeyelash extensions are single strands of soft, light, and flexible material that require no mascara. These eyelash extensions provide a natural and glamorous look when applied properly and do not affect a person’s natural lashes. 

Because these lashes are applied individually, looks can be changed for everyday use or special occasions. With proper care and regular touch ups, these lashes have the ability to last indefinitely.

Olga has been a beauty professional for over seven years and is a Licensed Master Esthetician, a Certified Makeup Artist from several beauty schoolsand awarded ITEC International Diploma for Beauty Specialist.

Olga says, “I’m still thrilled every time I give a client lash extensions and see her renewed confidence and pride in her appearance. When a client comes to me for lash extensions, I take into consideration every detail of her face and her personal style in order to choose the best look.”

Olga offers lessons on how to properly apply these Faux mink or Siberian mink individual lashes and how to properly take care of them for lasting effects. Along with services provided for full-set eyelash extensions, eyelash touchups, semi-permanent mascara, eyebrow shaping, airbrush makeup, and conventional makeup.

For more information about Olga and her services or to schedule an appointment with Olga in the San Diego area today, visit 

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