The Feel Good Series! Celebs and Their Lashes

Posted by Francesca Amber Sawyer on Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Celebrities have the most perfect features, don’t they? Not really! They just have great makeup artists!

Welcome back to the feel good series, where we take a deeper look at what goes into creating the full celebrity package. We’re not just talking photoshop – we’re looking at the tips and tricks that stars use to make themselves seem perfect. Last week we looked at skin and the week before we talked hair extensions. We want you to know just how much work goes into their carefree everyday looks.

This week we’re talking eyes. Without the fake eyelashes a lot of these ladies are almost unrecognisable!

First of all, yes they are all wearing a lot of eye makeup. Even if a celeb appears to be going make up free, they’re probably just wearing less eye makeup that usual. With a steady hand you can mimic most celebrity eye looks. But that isn't just their red carpet makeup - it's become almost expected that they will always be wearing heavy eye makeup.

For a standard red carpet look, you can expect a starlet to be wearing multiple colours of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and of course the big one: fake eyelashes. Their skin would be prepared beforehand with foundation and concealer so the whole eye area looks flawless. And their eyebrows would be groomed.

Katy Perry is a great example. She readily admits that she wears a truckload of makeup on her face. And the place where it’s really obvious is her eyes. This before makeup shot comes from her California Dreams tour preparations back in 2011, while the made up shot is the Grammys. This was praised as a rather restrained look for Katy. But there is a lot of work going into this “natural” look.

The thing that really takes their makeup to the next level is the fake eyelashes. There are different types – eyelash extensions, individual fake lashes or strip lashes. These can give quite natural looks depending on how they're applied. If you’ve watched George Shore or Jersey Shore you probably think all fake eyelashes are totally ridiculous and over the top, but that’s not the case. Because basically every star wears fake eyelashes these days, on TV, movies, music videos, the red carpet, photoshoots, paparazzi strolls – everywhere. In fact we've gotten so used to stars wearing them, we probably wouldn't recognise them without the extra eyelash help.

The Kardashians love their makeup. If you look closely you can see Kim’s normal length eyelashes in between her long fake lashes. This is no surprise - they have their own line of lashes.

Selena Gomez is just like most young stars – her makeup always looks flawless. Check out how heavy those fake lashes are though:

Red carpets aren’t the only places with fake lashes. The ladies of TV always have them on for every single scene. Check out this photo of the cast of The Vampire Diaries. Look closely at the girls’ eyes. They wear false lashes in every single scene. Nina Dobrev wears more when she’s playing Katherine, and less when she’s playing Elena.

So what about a natural everyday look? Here’s Kendall Jenner showing off a pretty clean face. But those lashes have definitely had a bit of help!

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that show celebrity inspired makeup looks. Jamie Greenberg’s tutorials are stand outs, because they actually features real celebrities getting their makeup done for big events.

Have a look at Glee’s Jayma Mays getting her makeup done in the video below. She starts with a proper no makeup look where she just looks like a normal girl you’d pass on the street. After her fake eyelashes are applied she turns into the superstar we recognise from Glee. This would still be considered a natural look by the media despite all the makeup she’s wearing.

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